Modded Airplanes


Indeed, the bigger planes will follow the bigger stands if that’s implemented. Looking forward to the 747 in these colours!


i know :wink:


are any of these planes released in game yet ?


No not yet. We have to wait for the Dev’s to add them, or Patrick to complete Mod tool. Both are still some time away I’d suggest.


The Air NZ black liveries though, yes on the A320 and B737 they were released to ACEOMM.


has the dashQ-300 been added ?


Kinda. It’s a modified ATR72. Krijag has put one together.

I’ve now started to put the Air New Zealand livery onto this as well. First pass, not too bad. Next to a 72 for comparison.


More work now on the base model. Still at the flat rendering stage. The wings, yeah they can wait for now.


So from the initial basic flat artwork, I’ve now worked some details in to the engines. Still in illustrator so still flat. They do look more like it though. Engines to power the future. Next step for them will be PS.


So i just started this modding thing, and getting quite a few things wrong - and i’m just changing liveries - So what i ma reading here is amazing! There is great details that i am looking forward to! @Rubble - wonderful work!


love the detail on the engine!!! going to try and make that on my planes if i have the time haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Thought I’d just share an update on that engine. It’s STILL in illustrator. UGGGG. :wink: And needs more cleanup, reworking as well. I just felt that the horizontal PS layer styles didn’t give me a sense of the curvature of the engine, while doing that in IL is more or less straight forward. Then some grunge and textures…

PS A more revised version. I wasn’t happy and still not. Needs more refinement. Yes I’m still in the Illustrator phase. :joy: Details need putting back into place. and the mount needs everything doing to it.

PPS Why spend so much work and effort on just an engine. Well, that’s how current mods are done. It’s as simple as that. I’m just replicating how things are currently accomplished,


Air New Zealand has requested some maintenance upgrades to there 737-800 fleet. Request now started.

Implement aircraft with different engine specifications

verry nice @Rubble Airbus A380 is also getting better (finaly have some time) but needs some more work before publisching.


@Fredrik The lights on the 738 don’t seem asymmetrical?


She’s almost finished. The Trent 1000 engine. Development work from the previous post. Getting close to the grunge work.


Amazing level of detail! And look at those chevrons… :blush:


It took a bit longer than I had hoped for as I had to learn a new program to get more detail to my models :slight_smile: and I am very busy at work :frowning:. But finally I can give you a preview of my Airbus A380:

A high detail picture will be uploaded later on ass there is still a lot to do to the model. :blush:


Beautiful build and sorry for the additional work :yum:. Shame I think the A380 is a plane only its mother could love. She’s looking well through, great work. You’ve really been working on this one as well so much I can tell. I’d give more likes if I could.

As @Spokkel did you’ve built pseudo large stands for these big birds as per my build reqs for large stands. They looks so much better like that. :slight_smile:

I might have a compatible range of engines soon as well.


hahah no worries it only makes it better for me to get more satisfaction on my models @Rubble.
Sadly the game takes away lots of the detail although i already use 8092px image. The model is perfectly fine when I transform it to PNG but the scaling in the game makes it bad :frowning: