More accesable information for airport troubleshooting

Currently, troubleshooting of your airport is quite hard, especially as your airport grows bigger and busier. Especially anoying is that sometimes, you don’t know if it’s a bug or your own fault. Therefore, I suggest 2 things:

More detailed turnaround list
When hovering over one of the steps of the turnaround progress, a more detailed list pops up. For example, here is the list for the boarding process of a remote stand:

In addition to the step by step list, there are two more things to see here.

  1. The busses are highlighted (the blue lines), and if the service agents were not at the stand yet, they would be too.
  2. the text “boarding desk manned” is in red. This would mean that it took longer than it should for these agents to arrive at the boarding desk, and that the plane might be delayed because the travel time between the staff room and the boarding desk is too long.

The Complaints tab
As your airport grows bigger, it is harder to stay in control. Therefore, I suggest a “complains tab” that unlocks as you hire a COO and CIO. This tab would show a list of all delays in the last 48 hours. For every one of these, the COO and CIO tries to figure out why it was delayed, and then they are sorted.

For example:

Here you can see that in the last 48 hours, 20 flights were delayed because of the travel time of service agents. When you click on this complaint, it highlights the airplane stands were this problem occured.


Love this idea!!!

it will make problems more specific, and tell us what the problems are in order to improve them and make the airport more efficient!

:+1: i wonder if the @Olof has this coming down the pipeline