More applicants


Hello, i would like to see more applicants per list than just 5, it this possible to expand to like 10 or 15? Often in the late game, or if i speed build an airport, it still takes long time to find people, at least if you care about stats. I know most of the stats doesn’t affect anything at this moment.


i agree - its needs more applicats


You can use F10 bug menu to spawn more staff at once. Although I also agree that 5 applicants is too low.


In my opinion, the number of applicants should be dependant on the size of your airport! The bigger the airport, the more applicants!


n my opinion, the number of applicants should be dependant on the size of your airport! The bigger the airport, the more applicants!

I disagree on that. Because there are many ways to decide if an airport is large or small. There can be 2 stands but CEO may be planinng large expansion so he may need to hire many more. Or he may have 2 stands but he is planinng to make shifts so he needs double or triple of staff he needs.

I think each time 15 applicants instead of 5 would be enough.


I think hr manager should do more than what he does now. Why have an hr manager if the ceo still has to do the hiring?


This functionally may come but at present that feature is not fleshed out.

Would make sense to increase the functionality of the board positions


Okay, but doesn’t this make the game a bit too easy? I mean, it’s still a game. You don’t want to just be able to go to the staff panel and hire 15 people like that. You’ll need to think about it, invest, plan ahead, that’s what a game is about right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it’s something that can be linked to the game difficulty level that is chosen in the beginning. If people select easy, a lot of applicants will be available with high values for all the ‘characteristics’/‘strengths’. If they select hard, less applicants will appear each time, with a smaller chance of them having good ‘characteristics’? :smiley:


But you can buy 9 vehicles with no issue :blush:


Because in real-world, you can also buy 9 vehicles without any issue, but you can’t just create 9 new people :stuck_out_tongue: In real-life, you’ll also often need some patience before finding the right people!


Awwww come on! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, at this point i’m just gonna say that i like if it was reflective on the size of the airport. I mean i have a big airport, if a big international airport advertise today, they will got more than five applicants ;). But i’m not saying more than 5 maybe pass the requirements/tests for let’s say ramp agent or security. There it is truly up to you atm, want kind of staff you want at your airport.


Perhaps a system where you ‘order’ staff would be in place, eliminating the process of having to go to the screen every time to hire 5 new people. ‘Ordering’ could be like a hiring process, and be semi-automated. You, as the CEO, place an order for 50 staff members with at least 80% efficiency rating and game will automatically hire them as they become available until you have the 50 members. Higher qualifications (more than 80% efficiency) will mean it takes longer to hire all members where lowering the qualifications means you quickly get the staff, but they will perform poorly.

From the game’s perspective, where we are the Architect/CEO of the airport, it seems weird to have to personally hire the staff. Pretty sure the CEO of Heathrow doesn’t spend his day refreshing the applicants page to approve the new hires.


I agree with you, and as mention earlier the HR person should be in charge of this, However, it would be cool to have like board meetings haha, where they tell what they have been doing or of problems, and for this case, the HR can show us the CV’s of the new employees that has be employed since last meeting, and if we want we can check the CV’s to see that it’s correct for what we expect or basically just say, yeah yeah, next :stuck_out_tongue: