Multiple terminal tutorial

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Does anyone have a solid step-by-step tutorial for multiple terminals? I’ve tried searching through here and I’m not finding many recent posts. I’m confused as to if they should be separate and totally independent (own security/check in/baggage bays/vehicle depots/catering and waste buildings/etc), or if i can have a central building where everyone checks in and goes through security before being whisked off to different terminals via bus? And for whichever one is feasible, how do I set it up? I’m trying to build a second terminal as we speak in a current game and since starting my reliability on my first terminal has tanked. I have an overage of staff and vehicles, but none of them are claiming jobs. So…I’m a little flustered. (Only one terminal is operating and I can see that all staff is assigned tot his terminal, and I’ve assigned as many vehicles as I can to my original vehicle depots which are zoned to the original terminal currently.) Thanks!


“Terminal”-Zones in ACEO are actually used for creating independent buildings. The zone was introduced to manage that passengers use the correct transit structures (bus, car, taxi etc) and don’t spawn at the wrong side of the airport.
Also it allows to assign staff and vehicles to the designated terminal zone and prevent them walking/driving across the airport all the time.
There won’t be any passengers switching between two terminal zones.

So if you are going to a central check-in and security building but with multiple fingers oder satellite buildings, it’s in ACEO language still one single terminal.
And as long as you stay with one terminal, you are going better if you do not zone the terminal with terminal zones.

When you do work with multiple terminal zones, make sure that vehicle and staff assignment is correct. Go to the terminal overlay (T-key) and klick on the box with the staff/car numbers to assign the number you need. Make sure that there is always a path and street between all terminals so that staff and vehicles can switch.

Some information and examples you can find in the dev blog.

Any other questions, drop here. :slight_smile:

Does path mean above ground sidewalk? I don’t have any way to do that currently because the new terminal is on the other side of all of my taxiways/stands/etc. Can it be underground? And out of curiosity, if the staff and vehicles only belong to one terminal, why is this necessary? Thanks for your help!

It can also be a hidden underground sidewalk only for staff. There is no other way to switch staff between two terminal zones, there has to be a sidewalk somewhere.

The issue is that you cannot say for which terminal you hire new staff. In the hiring panel there are two settings: Auto assign or do not auto assign. Unassigned staff will serve all terminal zones and run between them all the time. (and may cause delays)

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Thank you for letting me know that! I appreciate it. I will keep tinkering in my current game.

This is done and working! I am having trouble with fuel trucks, service cars, and baggage trucks. I think the fuel truck situation is working itself out because i assigned them all to vehicle depots zoned to Terminal 1. But my baggage trucks are all assigned to individual plane stands. I have 31 trucks for 27 stands. The 4 extra seem enough. For example, I currently have 31 trucks, 20 jobs, and 4 jobs unclaimed and no one is claiming the unclaimed jobs. Do I have to assign every single vehicle?

I play on a Mac so when I click the terminal zone and everything comes up purple, I see icons for Staff and Service Vehicles, but can’t find a way to click on those icons to see what is assigned where? Is this part of my problem? Sorry for so many rookie questions. I took a (very) long break in between releases and playing AirportCEO and there weren’t multiple terminals last time I played!