Narrow Items

Narrow Items

I think there should be narrow items for stars and escalators

Why it should be implemented:

it should be in the game so you have compact stairs and escalators (for escalators it will be one way)

Images, references or additional content:

got Idea from questions for devs on the discord


:+1: i’m in

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Count me in too :+1:

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In :+1:

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Vote for this!

I totally agree on this feature. We need narrower stairs (2x8 or1x8) , one way escalators (2x6), narrow round stairs (4x4), narrow round stairs with elevator shaft in middle (4x4 to 2x2 outside is stairs, middle 2x2 is elevator)


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Circle stairs

Circle stairs

Yeah that’s what I meant by “round stairs”

And this is what I meant by "round stairs with elevator shaft in middle;

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Spiral staircase


The spiral will be good with elevators

I want to add an addition to this feature request: Narrow escalators. 2x8 sized with single isle on both directions.

If you wonder: it is photoshopped. Not from game :frowning:


I’m surprised I added this a month ago at least

When you think about this, It was just implemented in the latest update!

This was just sitting in a dark dusty corner of the feature voting section for a long time…

Didn’t this get added?

I need a half-sized Security exit, too. The current one is a bit of overkill on a small terminal or staff-only exit…


YES!!! Please @Olof, @Alexander?

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@parillos I am glad that you have quoted something that I had written on Jan 10 2020 but things have changed a lot during time. Unfortunalety one way escalators won’t be developed due to deadlock of pathfinding.

Then the pathfinding must be changed. Simairport does only one way escalators, why not this?

For starters, this isn’t SImAirport. Secondly, pathfinding is an extremely complex part of the game, and “changing” it is easier said than done. Currently, the devs are completely focussed on prepping the game for release. So, even if the devs do decide to add new features or make changes to existing ones, my guess is that it won’t happen soon.