New Community Leaders! #2


Hello everyone!

From time to time we bring in new community leaders to this Forum to help out with maintaining topic and discussion quality. As of today we’re happy to present four new community leaders, selected purely on their continued activity and engagement with this Forum. Big congratulations to @Puma, @EG0611, @Rubble and @jasperwillem who’s now joined the ranks of community leadership.

We’d like to thank @JeremyK who’s stepping down from the moderator role to assume a role of leadership instead. Also big thanks to @Ben and @Bigboy for their service to the Forum!

Now join me in applause :clap: :clap: :clap: and welcome these new community leaders!


Thank you very much Olof and Fredrik. :heart_eyes:


:blush: Thank you very much! :blush:




Congratz guys. @Olof and @Fredrik made a great choice.


Thank you @Olof and @Fredrik for this great opportunity :wink:




Congratulations! :clap: :slight_smile:




Congratulations :smiley:


Well done guys!


Congratulations! :stuck_out_tongue:


To all the staff, from me and probably many other fans of the game, thanks for answering our questions, hearing our issues, and keeping this forum and as such the game a positive place.


Welcome to the party new mods!



In 5 days I hope to have weekend, after a month or something, so… then I can finally playtest the remote stands :slight_smile:






You are going to love them. Tested them two days ago and it was great.


Congrats guys!
You have already been doing this ‘job’, great that you are now doing it officially! :wink: