New contract and schedule system

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New contract and schedule system

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I have read that a lot of you would want more realistic flights and also if we have special liveries we don’t want to have 15 of those planes on our airport. This Idea will mitigate these two issues.

So first of, contracts.
For this to work contracts will need to be divided into 3 sub categories. (We have two as of now, master contract and flight contract)
Logic as follows.

  • Master contract - Airlines offer master contracts to announce their interest and intention of offering flights to your airport. Stated in this contract is the airline facts such as history and fleet. It also state the minimum Airline satisfaction before the airline require for the contract to be valid. It also states the fine for not being able to meet the satisfaction.
    *Route contract -This one is new. Airlines will offer to open routes from your airport. In each route contract it will be stated the minimum required flights per week, also what type of aircraft(s) the airline will use on the route. HERE we can add the possibility to se if they use a special livery. For example the contract can state “Boeing 737-800 ANNIVERSARY livery”. The contract will also state the maximum flights per week the Airline will offer. Route contracts also have a minimum satisfaction percentage and a fine for not being able to keep satisfaction above minimum. If the minimum satisfaction requirement is not met, the airline will cancel that specifik route.

So how to get realistic routes? Well obviously it’s going to be hard to have SAS only flying from nordic countries and it would limit the flights that being offered to your airports. We know that Domestic and international flights is most probably coming. So i was thinking that each Aircraft has a maximum distance it can fly and also a minimum distance for operation. So for a GA - piper cub this will mean for example 600km while for a 737 it might be 6000km and for a 787 it’s 12000km. (The numbers are fictional so you get the idea)
Also a 737 won’t operate a route of 250km. So I’m thinking that each aircraft has a SECTOR OF OPERATION around the airport. Small planes operates the vicinity from 0 (Airport location) and a radius of X units. Mid range planes operates the radius of Y units - Z units from airpot where Y units is minimum distance to airport for the aircraft to operate. And Long haul flights operates from Q units - V units from the airport.

  • Flight contract- This is the “card” we put in the flight planner.

Above I mentioned Satisfaction, The logic here is reversed order from above contract.

  • Flight contracts - Satisfaction is dependent on, delay of arrival, % of passengers that miss the flight, passenger satisfaction of airport and delay of departure
  • Route contracts -Accumulated Satisfaction of flights on the route
  • Master contract - Accumulated Satisfaction of Routes for the Airline

Could actually be as it is now with the addition of possibility for templates for the auto scheduler and possibility to assign airlines to gates. Templates should work the way that you plan “empty” flight cards in the flight planner and the auto scheduler puts flights in these cards. Its repeated weekly. if you don’t use template function, the flight planner works as it does today, with addition of assigning airline(s) to a gate.

Why it should be implemented:

I think it would add some realism and it gives players more possibility regarding choice of aircrafts, routes to the airport and also possibility to choose which airlines that operates different parts of the airport. Also it gives the possibility to manage traffic and human flow when you have the auto scheduler active.


Would love this ability. There’s a few things I’d suggest going one step further with it. If I’m wanting to be realistic and create an airport, I want to have the location that are flown to with the aircraft that is on there.

I like the simplicity of how it is now for someone that is a noob (me - though im trying to play at an advanced level), but I also want to have the ability to be realistic.

To do so, it would be nice to have a secondary flight option that is location based.

Two flight options, B738 AA from DFW to STL, or… bid for DFW to STL route and then you can choose the aircraft to control the realism.

With this option, you get bids based on destination and you can choose from that list.


I love this. I think runway capacity should be tied to air traffic control capacity. Upgrade atc tower to get more capacity. Runway upgrades would help by increasing capacity in bad weather, reduce number of go arounds etc. In some instances weather could close a runway unless it is cat lll rated.

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What do you think about a contract negotiation system? If the airline satisfaction is high enough they will offer a master contract with a lot of conditions (landing fee, parking fee, pax fee, fuel fee …) you can accept or renegotiate … and the airline can make a counter offer, accept oder break the negotiation. It’s your decision as a ceo to negotiate or accept …


Yeah would love that! For me though the most important thing is ti fix the scheduler so you can have more management aspects. Now it just schedules flights, not taking in to account point of origin, destination or airline. There must be some kind of change to this if domestic and international flights is going to be a thing. If the devs put in more management aspects such as negotiations, demands or more requirements i’ll be very happy :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I just wish we could have “slots” where the auto scheduler would drop flights. A good next step would be restricting based on aircraft type and/or airline

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:+1: i’m in

@Olof & @Fredrik can you say us something more? What do you think about negotiations? :wink:

that is what i mean by template :slight_smile:


love this idea!