New visual bug?

over the course of the past few hours, ive noticed increasing visual bugs like objects and people being rendered on floors they aren’t on, taxiway, baggage conveyors and road pieces disappearing randomly and wont reappear unless I demolish and rebuild them, at which point another section disappears, now that wouldnt be so bad if it didn’t completely screw up the baggage system in that the baggage claim and check in desks dont have a proper connection to the baggage bay.

We’re currently looking into this issue but please bug report any occurrence of it you see.

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ok, will do :slight_smile:

I could sometimes see people on other floors from the one I am on, thought it was my CEO’s X-ray vision, Should name him Clark Kent.

Will also bug report if I see it again.

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We think this bug was originally caused by a terminal foundation removal issue which has now been fixed, this this bug should also be fixed.

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