No arrival baggage


I have a reasonably large airport with 3 baggage systems. No gaps in any conveyor belts. Zone for baggage claim is outside secure zone. Ramp agents are there. Departing flights baggage works just fine. Not one arriving plane requests baggage. Is this just a bug or am I missing something


Hello and welcome to the forums. Are you able to share an image please with zones and belts toggled on?



I may be barking up the wrong tree, but I think the issue relates directly to your check-in desks and their interface to the belt system. Personally I’ve always had to have at least one belt between the desk and the belt running to the baggage bay. A closer screenshot of your check-in desks would be great as well.


I’ll do that when I get home. The check in process works. Departure flights work correctly. It’s that there’s not one arrival flight that requests baggage.

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i’ve experienced this a few times. It tuns out i always forgot to connect the Baggage hub to the baggage claim room. Check if you have done that.

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Is the Baggage Handling System “enabled” in the Operations panel?

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Oh dam nation. This stuff really needs to just connect itself. Thanks I’ll try that


That’s right, the connection will most certainly be your problem. :face_with_monocle:
But I disagree that it should connect itself, lining up all that stuff is part of the (rather complex) game.
What I would suggest (again) is a better visualisation of the problem, like a darkened claim area or a red symbol above it. At least we get used to identify and solve this problem faster every time… :wink:

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