Number of Passengers For A Flight


I think that the game would be really good if there was the number of passengers per a flight. (e.g. if they was 119 passengers in a contact of an airline they should be 119 passengers showing up for that flight in check-in and boarding the plane


Yes, me too, that’s why that’s exactly what’s happening.


ok sounds good keep up your good work with the game i really like the work that you doing with this game it’s has got to be one of the best airport games that i have seen in development yet


But surely the same flight will be over/under-subscribed ocasionally, so the number of passengers should average 119 but occasionally 5 don’t show up and sometimes 130 show up and have to be turned away. In the contract I don’t think that the number of passengers should specified so much maybe a demand and the maximum passenger number of the aircraft could be stated.
For example Seats: 119; Demand: High will mean that on average the flight is fully booked but occasionally less so.
Alongside this the demand could change throughout the year. Not everybody wants to go to Gran Canaria in the summer when it’s too hot or in the winter when it’s too rainy.


Will there be some random event like overbooking
Maybe we could drag that passenger out of the plane?


that is what i meant something around the number


Overbooking is not random is actually at large for large airports that are hubs or some other form of transportation and its used by a statistic of the amount of passengers that will miss their flight united wasn’t overbooked with the dr incident (airport securities fault) it needed to transport crew so they could man another flight