Observations / Questions on Air Ambulance Modding

I’ve been testing the air ambulances with the goal of releasing a custom air ambulance mod. Some interesting observation I’ve seen:

  • It seems the game can only load 1 air ambulance airline, and it overrides any others. To get custom air ambulance to work, one needs to disable all default airlines in modding to disable the default air ambulance. Furthermore, with no default airlines enabled and having several custom air ambulance airlines enabled, the game seems to pick the first loaded airline, and then only spawn air ambulances using those airlines (disregarding the other air ambulance loaded in the mod). Is it possible perhaps to change it so that either modded air ambulances override the default one, or if the game can pick from more than 1 air ambulance?
  • Custom air ambulances can generate emergencies outside of the air ambulance requests, i.e. I got an emergency for in-flight security, and another for a in-flight emergency. Is this supposed to work as such?

@Fredrik sorry for the ping, but can we get a clarification on the above matter as well, when you have the time? Thanks.

Thanks for your feedback. Number one I think is due to lack of randomization so it will always pick the first ambulance in the list. (I have changed that now). The second point is probably just a bug. Currently we are developing on beta so expect the fixes to come at first beta release. :slight_smile: