Old vs. New Taxiways


Hey there fellow CEO’s. I haven’t been able to find an answer to this on the forum or in previous Devlogs, so I hope this isn’t rehashing something that’s already been discussed. This (rather old) Devlog: https://www.airportceo.com/devlog-8-taxiway-v-2-passenger-pathfinding/

shows some a great looking taxiway graphic. The turns are realistic and the whole thing looks real. Can someone tell me what happened to these? The current taxiways look a little ‘skimpy’ compared to the old ones. Clearly its something they had, and is completely doable. So why were they replaced with less realistic looking taxiways? Thanks!


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It’s a good question, but probably only @Fredrik or @Olof can answer it :slight_smile:


Well they changed taxiways at 39 th devlog:

Then they re-changed it on 74 th:

I gues the latest build is what they show at 74 th.


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Good question! The taxiway system has undergone a lot of revisions since we started development. The initial version from DevLog 8 that you referred to was very simple and not at all flexible. Each piece was placed as one large image and had little room for customization. You needed to align everything right to make it look good and could not extend the size of the taxiway. The new system is based on small tiles which adapt depending on how you build them. So you drag out taxiway according to your preference and the yellow lines align automatically.

We are aware that it does look a bit sharp and corny. We will look into how we can make it look smoother.



Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: