Passenger only areas

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Passenger only areas


Hmm, we have staff zones so we can make staff stairs via zoning but what about passenger zoning?

Why it should be implemented:

It should be implemented because then there is a place where only passengers can go

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But what kind of areas are passenger only zones?

I am quite sure all staff of the airport have to be cable to reach a all areas of the airport.

At most airports that I’ve visited, and at the airport where I once worked, such restrictions did not exist.

  1. Cleaning staff must be able to clean all areas.
  2. Security staff must be able to access all areas to perform their duties
  3. Airline staff need to be able to reach passengers where-ever they may be.
  4. Ramp staff…okay, I see the point for ramp staff, but realistically, there is no point of control to prevent ramp staff from using gate seating as a place of rest.

In fact staff in all capacities at the airport where I worked at, did regularly use gate seating as a place of rest.


I completely agree with ever aspect of this.

First time I hear a “passenger only areas” on an airport. Has it been done before in real life?

If you place your staff rooms correctly, you don’t have a problem with staff sitting in passenher seat areas.

this seems pretty unrealistic, and what would the purpose of this even be?


Hello, it would be better if they add Check-in zones so that passengers go directly to it when they arrive at the airport so that they do not enter restricted areas

Actually that should not happen. If it is so at your airport, please create a separate topic and provide some screenshots of your airport layout.

Not sure why this is suggested I’m afraid. Airports by their nature need full staff access to supervise all areas for security reasons and also maintenance. I haven’t came across any issues with staff, they stay in staffroom


Yes, I have to agree with @craigwats here. Lets say in Alpha 36 we get a person getting injured in a passenger only area. There would be no way for someone to help. The only way that would be possible is if the @Devs overhauled the system to let emergency services in. Also… janitors. We don’t have to talk about them. :wink:
My point is that if we have these areas, we would still need some staff to be there to stop hijackings and what not, so there would be no point in this being in the game.

In real airports passenger-only zones make sense. These are area’s after check-in where passengers are allowed but non-passengers like visitors or family isn’t allowed to go. These area’s are designated as ‘passenger-only’ but staff is also allowed there ofcourse. Everywhere where the passengers can go, staff can also get to.

For the game I can’t really think of a function for the passenger-only area because we don’t have non-passenger civilians other than staff. And as stated before staff should be able to go everywhere the passengers can go.

Agree but, isn’t that what the existing secure zone is?

Passenger only, no public = secure zone

I agree with the point though, but I think that’s already served by the secure zone. Also in the game we don’t have “general public”, only passengers.