Passengers leaving secure zone with wrong exit


Hi all,

suddenly passengers started leaving secure zone using a staff only security exit (exit leads to a staffroom, staff zone is extended to wall limits and door limit also).

Why that has started happening?

I also get “passenger can’t find their way” notification because they get stuck inside staffroom, and they also start walking through walls and through security checkpoint (entry only)…

Game version 30 1 9


where the secure exit located - please provide with screenshots


if the secure exit itself isn’t staff zoned, pax will use it.

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Yes staffzoned also area near security exit, anyway this is clearly a bug


While on your screenshot there is no staff zone underneath that secure area exit you dont want the pax to use. Not a bug
Make sure the staff zone is under the entire secure area exit, not just the exit of it.


the proper design is you need put secure exit at appropite area away from staff area
if you want delicated area for secure exit for staff - you need is place staff zone under the secure exit to restrict access to exit area if area is used for staff

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Mark secure exit and couple tiles in secure area as “Staff Zone”. Your problem will be solved

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