PAX walk through walls

New airport started under B2.2-1 on Default branch.

Bug ACEO-35448

Not a problem I have had before…

I have two Security exits on the Terminal, one for Passengers and the other for Staff. I have caught PAX walking through walls to get to the Staff exit rather than use the Passenger exit (which is further away).

Overall view (The PAX have just deboarded from the Forest Air Cessna at Gate 1):

The culprits:

Overall view with Zones highlighted:

After going past the Staff exit the PAX then walk through the walls again to get to the Transit zone via the Check-in Hall:

I deleted the Staff exit and the PAX are now good little passengers and use the correct exit:

Additional info:

Moved the Passenger exit nearer the Gates, reinstated the Staff exit, and the PAX are behaving as they should:

I have that issue too, it looks like the pax aren’t on the correct floor.

That’s a bit difficult as there is only one floor to the Terminal, plus underground transit structures…

I recently had some PAX teleportation to 0.0.0, but they were flying, not walking.

Wow, Pax are gaining superpowers :rofl:


Can you supply me with a bug report of the original save before you fixed the issue? Also drop the number here please! They should not have access to that exit.

The bug report specified in the initial post should have the save that has the issue. I corrected the issue after I submitted the bug report.

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