PC struggles on one airport

i recently started creating a new airport, and as i was doing T2 the game started becoming unplayable, with fps below 1 and earlier today my pc just restarted as i was loading the airport, i know its defenitely not my pc as i run msfs2020 on high end graphics with no problem, also the airport wasnt big either, it had just 8 medium stands, im pretty sure its not a mod either as they all seemed to work fine before, i tried to load up another airport and it worked just fine, i am unable to take a screenshot as the game just doesnt respond, someone told me that it might be my save file corrupting.


Can you show a screenshot?
Interesting would be how many passengers are on the airport. Sometimes hundreds of them stuck somewhere due to a missing zone and that causes the computer to slow down.

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im unable to take a screenshot as the game crashes as soon as i load in, however the airport wasnt even open so there were no pax in the terminals

Can you upload the savegame to Steam and post the link here?
The upload button is in the game loading screen.

Strange, I can load and run it without any issues. There is nothing wrong on the map which could cause any issues.
Have you tried a reinstallation of the game?

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What are your exact hardware specs?

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor
16.0 GB ram

tried it, still glitching

Works fine for me…

I tried it here too, seems to work well… have you tried completely reinstalling the game?

yep still doesnt work