People queuing for the restaurant and missing their flight

Before I start, may I say that I can´t believe that Airport CEO made it this far? Playing it since the first hour, but after a while only now and then as most of the time I got stucked within the first two hours, due to bug related issues. Last week I started playing again and I must say, it´s fantastic how playable, complex and highly addictive Airport CEO is, now! There are still bugs to report, but the game is so much fun and I can´t stop playing it. Thank you! :slight_smile:
Okay, back to business. I´ve just opened my first restaurants in the security zone and now plenty of passengers are queuing for it. The queue starts at (1) an ends at (2), Kranes Burgers. I opened it a few day´s after Bistro Boheme (3) and I had the same giant queue for this restaurant as well, but since the people can get cheaper stuff, it seems that Bistro Boheme got less popular. The problem is not the large queuue itself (both restaurants make a lot of money), but the fact that people don’t leave the queue when the plane is boarding.
Another issue is that people don´t go to a nearby (empty) restroom (5) when they get stucked in an overcrowded one (4). These passesengers also refuse to board.
So I miss an immense crowd aboard and have to decide if I want to delay the flight or let it leave with only half of the passengers (6).Haven´t found this issue here, if it´s a known one, please let me know and I will add it there instead of opening a new thread.


I’ve had this on-and-off. I find that shops and cafes before check-in are not very popular, but in the departures area, if you put the right ones in the right places, they boom. If the PAX get stuck in a queue and don’t get to the gate on time, sorry, the flight gets released.

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Indeed, I release flights if pax are late. I have no idea what happens to any checked baggage (lol), but the plane goes if they’re on it or not. I sometimes see pax standing at the boarding gate as there flight pushes back, if they hadn’t hesitated, they MIGHT have made it.

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Nice to hear! Means we’re moving in the right direction then… :slight_smile:

The behavior you’re describing is correct and something we’ll look at balancing during beta. These systems are all pretty tricky to get down correct and adaptable to all situations hence why it’s something we’ll be looking at the latest stage possible.


Thank you for the reply. You are definitely moving in the right direction! You had a great plan and roadmap from the beginning and combined with your knowledge of general aviation and airports it can´t go wrong anymore! I´m sure, all the bugs will be fixed and good balancing will be done. :slight_smile:

I´ve had the idea to place a second shop counter to double the speed of customer handling. But it doesn´t seem necessary anymore, because of a new issue, which I think is related to the release of Alpha 35.5-3. I think, many players will experience the same, but if you need a savegame file, please let me know. The issue: After loading the game, the customers are still queueing like crazy, the other restaurant is full and my shop has many customers. But as soon as they close and start a new shift on the next day, they suddenly have no customers! I´ve played for another 48 ingame hours, but shops and restaurants don´t get any customers anymore. I´ve tried to cancel the contracts and signed ones, but that didn´t solve it: still no customers.
And I discovered another thing (not recognized it before, I´m not sure if it´s related to the last release): Contracts that are already completed, can´t be cancelled! (This applies to shops and restaurants.) And as you can´t delete rooms with a valid contract, you are not able to remodel this part of the airport. So if you would have a good running shop/restaurant the only workaround would be to delete the shop counter, so no new customers would come and the contract would expire.
Can you check these two things? Many thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

There’s been a change. You now have to wait for the contract to reach the final day before being able to change it. Once it expires, you should be able to remove the shop/cafe.

Also, your airport looks very nice! I like how you decorated it.


Thank you Chris for your compliment and for the explanation. I´ve tested it and you are absolutely right: As soon as the status of the contract changes from “completed” to “active” I am able, to cancel it. This makes sense, so there´s actually no issue here. :slight_smile:

Regarding my last post, I have a question for the devs: When the problem occured that passengers suddenly didn´t visit any shops and restaurants anymore, I´ve saved the game in Alpha 35.5-3. I reloaded it a few times and it didn´t help, the same situation occured: no guests/clients. Now I´m reloading the same savegame today, still playing Alpha 35.5-3. And suddenly the guests return to shops and restaurants and it also seems that there are no giant queues anymore. Was this kind of a Hotfix? Or is it an unexpected mirracle? :smile:

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I for me putting more cashier desks seems to alleviate the problem. … Most of the time