Problems with multiple vehicle checkpoints


In the screenshot you can see I have two vehicle checkpoints on either side of the bus/parking area.

The checkpoints both lead to a series of “gates” on either side of the airport and are not connected (anymore). Each gate has its own fuel/vehicle depot, some stands and their own secure zone.

What happens is that incoming fuel supply trucks are only going to the right vehicle depot and immediately turning around in the vehicle depot, only to drive off the map right away.

So something weird is going on with pathfinding when there is multiple vehicle checkpoint, in my savegame.
Another thing is that I get a LOT of messages saying a service vehicle can’t find their destination, but if I click it its always immediately resolved already…
Last thing, I still don’t think that vehicle tasks are assigned to available vehicles sitting in the closest by vehicle depot…

My question is a few parts: 1 Please comment on what I said and observed, maybe I’m doing something wrong. And secondly, I’m thinking about making a vehicle checkpoint for every “gate” I have so that I’m forcing tasks to be assigned to only the single vehicle depot that is connected to that gate’s vehicle checkpoint/service road. Would that be a good idea?

Thanks y’all


This is an issue they’re aware of, it’s in the ‘awaiting development’ column of the devolpment pipeline. We don’t know when they’ll work on it.

For now, just make sure all the service roads are connected.


Oh thanks, guess having multiple vehicle checkpoints is not a good idea then.

Any idea about the incidents being immediately resolved? Maybe I should first remove one checkpoint and see if that goes away.


I guess I ponder why would you have so many vehicle checkpoints? I can see one for each side. I have one checkpoint with 51 gates and it doesn’t ever become a thing. The only things coming through the check point are fuel trucks to refill the tanks and new vehicle purchases.


Because I can. :wink:

Anyway, SNJ told about one checkpoint for each side, while you said, you could see one for each side. So you answered yourself already.

In the future you may have more incoming traffic too. Depends on the plans about micromanagemnt by Fredrik and Olof, maybe even the wishes of the community (e.g. feature votes). There could be much the airport could be supplied with.


The battle was real for me to not have roads through my airports and use of the crosswalks because it just looked weirrd. I got over it… I’m sure it’ll be better once two levels makes it’s way in. Until said, time, I have lots of crosswalks in my airport with many passengers not being hit, even though the vehciles drive right through them.