Promotion video İstanbul New Airport


Image still;


Some background;

Article with some video’s;

Some stills, article in dutch.


I hope it gives you a scale of how big it is.


We need some extra tiles to built this giant :sunglasses:


I love to visit Istanbul. Its a beautiful city. I didnt know they were building a new airport. Its really looks insane. I cant wait to fly to the new airport. I heard that atatürk airport will be closed when the new airport is open?


Yes. On 29 October 2018 with an operation in 72 hours, all equipments from Ataturk airport will be transported to new airport and from 1 November* (not September) 2018, all passenger flights from Ataturk Airport will be terminated. Ataturk Airport land will become a Central Park.


I assume that will be 1 November instead of 1 September that the flights will be terminated on Ataturk Airport? Or are they terminating the flights 2 months prior to the move?


Yeah 1 November, my bad.


Change in 1 year.