Re-ordering of the GUI

Currently, browsing the GUI is a bit of of a mess. For example, if I want to see how thinks are going, I go to the operations tab, then browse the employee and vehicle job task. If I notice that there is a shortage of Jet A1 fuel trucks, I need to go to the economy tab > procedures, where I need to browse a huge unsorted list of vehicles and technologies (a bit of a weird combination) where I can order a new truck. But then I need to construct a service vehicle parking lot, so I go back to the operation tab > construction, but I need a contract so I need to go back to the economy tab > available contracts… A bit of a mess. I get how it is based on real life but especially for new players it is hard to understand, and as all screens are a bit laggy it takes forever to browse the screens

Suggested solution
Reorder the tabs. All vehicle-related things in one tab, economics (loans/feesbuget) in another, employee and construction and ‘the executives’/technology also all in their own tab. Then, the mail-notifications systems can go on the dashboard, and so can Airport control panel.

  1. dashboard (dashboard + airport control + mail + quick notices of employee and vehicle shortages)
  2. economics (buget + loans + fees + all contracts overview)
  3. employees (hireing empoyees, employee overview + employee job tasks)
  4. management (executive board + technologies + all contracts overview)
  5. vehicle management (buying vehicles + vehicle overview + vehicle job taks)
  6. construction (all construction related things
  7. tutorials

The statistics is currently not really useful, but I would suggest once they are adding them to the dashboard tab

Also: make mail more useful, by removing the “receipts” of vehicles and adding a mail for “new contract available”


Thanks for your great input! We are quite aware of the confusion at this point and have a future task to make the UI a lot more easier to use, which would include some re-ordering of panels. However, since there are some new features still being developed we want to wait until we are nearing the Beta stage to do any major changes. The next gameplay update (Alpha 34) will see some UI changes but later on we are planning to do a more thorough review of the entire UI. We will take your feedback into consideration. :slight_smile:


I expected that answer, agree with it and would do it just the same.:+1:

Will you also work on the flight schedule list?