Remote stand only airport challenge 2.0

This is an update to my previous remote stand challenge (Challenge: remote stand only airport) but with new rules and stuff for A34. Because you don’t when you start out in limited money mode get remote stands, I give you 3 options to start out with:

  1. GA
    You start out by building a GA airport and then research remote stands as soon as possible without having non remote commercial stands before remote.

  2. 100% non remote start
    Basicly you start out by building a normal airport and keep it that way untill you get remote stands and then convert to that.

  3. 50% remote start
    I have seen talk on the previous topic ( Challenge: remote stand only airport) about having the boarding desk far from the gate, but having a walkway to the stand instead of having a bus. I do not find that actually remote, but while you dont have actual remote stands yet so i will allow it at the start.

For 2 and 3 this only applies for small stands and before you unlock remote stands, you must as soon as you can get remote stands in R&D.

Requirements: 10 small stands, 10, medium stands, 3 large stands (minimums, so you can have more but not less). Extra points if you get airport of the year.
Well, what are you waiting for? Get building!
Edit: you start with $2,000,000
Edit 2: and yes you must have all turnaround services (deicing not included if you don’t want it)
Edit 3: I give you till the end of April to build your airport. Then I will create a poll (idk how actually so plz tell me) containing all airports submitted to this topic for you to vote on the best airport.

You may add the optional “challenge” of having Jet A1 fuel service, and Ramp Agent turnaround.

Isn’t that just a given for every airport?

How do you compute the points?
Maybe 1 per small, 2 per medium and 3 per large stand and -(12*years+days) time passed until goal was reached +cash/1Mio at that day?
The balancing was just made up and need to be re-thinked…
But how many “extra points” (compared to that) you get for the award?

What does the winner win?

lol i said extra points as a bit of a joke, the winner does not win anything exept that everyone else says they are the best builder

Yeah, I got it after I read the other thread.

If the winner wins nothing, the loser looses nothing. :slight_smile:

How’s everyone’s airports coming along?

here is my airport so far, 12 small stands + 6 GA:

executive area is not much, will work on it more later.

transit systems .

the main terminal.

baggage handling.


The open air terminal looks interesting, odd how you send the incoming baggage to through security too.

I would personally recommend a corridor for the terminal, as it allows for further expantion.

For medium and large planes I plan to wait for A35 and have them as separate terminals from one another