Remote Stands | Buses and Passengers


Passengers sometimes don’t get on the buses causing a massive backlog of buses waiting for the stop to be open causing mass delays. Then eventually passengers just decide to walk to the gate and get lost in the middle when the leave the security zone. It’s kinda annoying as I can never get flights on time. Anyone have fixes?


Nope, just masses of delayed flights.


Are these PAX at the gate already, or are they still wandering around or waiting in line for security? Please check your progress monitor (shortcut ‘G’) where the PAX are or click the boarding desk and check the PAX with the green circle. If all PAX are at the gate and do not board the bus, please file it as a bug report with the in game reporter.


I’ve suggested several times on here to PLEASE add a button to the bus dialogue where you can “Dismiss Bus” like we can “Dismiss Planes” when they’re running late, because if you dismiss a remote plane, it immediately leaves without the bus passengers, but the bus does go away…


They are mostly just sitting at the gate and then just run to the plane