Ribbon Ridge Airport (RRD)

Welcome to Ribbon Ridge Airport.
A group of investors saw a great opportunity buying this airport located about 25 miles southwest of Portland, OR. That is because this grass field airport has many vineyards and wineries around, which can attract many tourists in the upcoming years. A new IATA location code was created for the airport, RRD. With the US$400.000,00 (US$500.000,00 minus the grass runway cost, since in theory the grass runway already exists in real life) that were still available after the airport transaction (Hardest Difficulty), the first arrangements were creating a new GA ramp (with restrooms for the pilots and “passengers”) and a small control tower. Also, it was very important to implement a refueling service which all aircrafts could use if they decided to request.

After a couple days of construction, the airport was ready to open. The first flight came from Astoria, a beautiful yellow Piper J3 Cub, that shortly after a quick refuel, decided to buy new wines before heading back home.

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Looks like a great start! Good luck.

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As time passes, the popularity of the airport has been increased. In order to keep the airport growing at a good pace, an administration building was constructed at the entrance of the airport, alongside a staff parking lot. Also, new team members were hired (CFO, COO, 2 administrators, 1 janitor and 1 service techninian).

Also, with the increasing revenue, some improvements were made to increase the safety of the aircraft operations. First of all, a new weather station was built to provide the pilots with the hourly METAR (Meteorological Aerodrome Report). Secondily, the grass runway was replaced by a paved runway (Asphalt). Lastly, a new VASIS (Visual Approach Slope Indicator System) was implemented to help pilots to land more precisely. The next goal is to replace all the taxiways with concrete (the administrators already started to research) to increase the GA rating and try to bring more visitors (maybe some local charter companies?).

Thanks for the feedback, and hope you keep enjoying the progress.


Astoria, I know of that area. Looks great.

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The outside hedging is a nice idea.


One year has passed, and with that, the entire airport has been upgraded with concrete. The GA rating has increased a lot, above 95%, and many new visitors are coming to Ribbon Ridge Airport.

Also, after the recent upgrades, the first jet aircraft has landed at the airport, a magnificient red Cirrus Vision Jet, ressembling the Ferrari colors.

With all these publicity, some local charter companies decided that they want to start flying to Ribbon Ridge Airport. In their opinion, the airport now has a proper passenger demand and is safe enough to takeoff and landing operations. However, they are demanding the construction of a proper passenger terminal to handle all the upcoming flow of people. So, this is the next goal of the CEO, to implement a functional passenger terminal.

Thanks again for all the positive feedback that you are giving.

PS.: I guess it is time to call the tow truck, once there are only 7 people working at the airport, but the staff parking lot is almost full.