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Not sure where to post, so hopefully this gets read bij the developers…

I was wondering if it can be arranged that when in sandbox mode all plots are already available.

(So you don’t have to buy them all)


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I do not understand why you are requesting for this change… I do not see any problem with buying the land parcels when in sandbox mode. The only thing that would change is your expenditure part.

This is a very neat way to stop your expenditures from increasing too much.


It is possible to unlock them without spending money, but it requires some fiddling with the files. If you don’t think you are confident with that you can just press F9 and type “motherlode” into the console and that gives you a million.

Well , aparently not all players understand the concept of ‘sandbox’.

Sandbox is a free mode, so when playing sandbox i do not spend any money.

When playing sandbox i want all everything to be unlocked,including the extra plots of land without the need to type anything in a box.

Sandbox = free = all unlocked.

Not to difficult to understand IMHO. :wink:

by “extra” do you mean the default 3 or are there more tiles i don’t know about?

This would be nice… It does get old every time I want to go do pre-planning in sandbox mode and you have to go through unlocking everything every time. The whole purpose of the sandbox mode is to not have to go through that since there is no money involved. So having everything unlocked already would be an great addition !! :slight_smile:

and no @WillTheGamer, as far as I know, there are no secret boundaries.

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But what if there is?

My point exectly @twocflyer !

For now i have a pre-made ‘sandbox’ save file, but an actuall sandbox mode would be better :wink:

We will look at this in the next major update which will mainly focus on refining gameplay. However, there are very different opinions on what sandbox really is. For example should money count or not? We have changed this a number of times and always get bug reports from people who either think sandbox should keep counting your money but you can’t just not go bankrupt while others think it should be disabled completely. I think the best way is to have two options when you start a new airport:

  • Sandbox where money will not affect gameplay and everything is unlocked
  • Unlimited money, which is normal gameplay but you can’t go minus.

I’m open to hear your suggestions. :slight_smile:

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For example should money count or not?

Money should be shown as: “INFINITE” and meanwhile user can see expenses and income via “data” or “economy” sections.

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I see sandbox as a place where money is no issue and shouldn’t be displayed at all. No costs shown in the construction menu, hiring panel, etc. No income should be shown either. All sliders for the fees should still be in the fees panel to have it affect satisfactory, but without showing the fees. Land unlocks and procjrements should remain locked, and show no cost. Procurements in sandbox should also have no more time delay.
That’s how i believe sandbox should be.
Moreso, i believe when checking the sandbox in the ‘create new game’ menu, another checkbox should appear to dicide wether or not to use construction simulation.

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You can already do this in the debug panel, but I can see how this would help

What you do in the debug panel is not maintained after save&reload…

That’s true, I forgot about that

yes, ive done this too to work around it :joy:

Like the idea of having options in the menu. I always like it when in sandbox mode you can still see if you can make a profit but are not affected by a negative bank saldo

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Hiya Fredrik,

‘Sandbox’ (in my opinion) is where nothing costs money and all is unlocked.

I know the game is still under development, but perhaps in due time there will be a ‘sandbox’ menu with options were ‘we’, the players, can choose between options how ‘sandboxy’ we want to play a ‘sandbox’’ game.

For now, i prefer the option where i started this reply with :wink:

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