Save games not showing up in menu

So AirportCEO has been acting strange recently on steam, when launching the game a pop up will appear saying it can’t connect to the steam cloud, then a choice between what’s on the cloud or my local data. Which is strange because I don’t see how steam cloud is related to this game at all, savegames are stored locally, or so I thought.

Today the same pop up appeared and once I got to the menu my savegames from yesterday have been replaced with older versions from the day before, what gives? Also I noticed that deleting savegames in the AppData folder will just magically reappear, how do I get rid of unwanted savegames quickly?

Savegames are saved to Steam Cloud.

You probably need to wait a few minutes for the saves to be uploaded once you Quit the game, to allow the steam client to do its uploading stuff. I find this now and again, especially if I’ve been too quick off the blocks in shutting the maching down after I’ve Quit.

What exactly does that popup look like or say? Have you given the Airport CEO client access to the internet via the firewall?

Airport CEO supports Steam cloud saves, however we don’t control anything regarding the upload or download except for specifying the Steam client with the save folder to watch. You can disable Steam cloud saves if you want to only run your saves locally.

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If saves you want to load don’t show up in the game, choose “download to this machine”. If you want to keep the saves or autosaves you made when the ones you wanted to load didn’t show up, make a backup copy of them in case the cloud synchronization deletes them.

If you upload to Steam cloud, the saves there will be replaced with those you currently have, so by doing so you’ll likely irreversibly lose the old saves which aren’t showing up in load game menu.

If you want to have both old and new saves synchronized to the cloud, copy the backup you made 1st to the saves directory while the game is running. They will get uploaded to the cloud once you exit from the game.

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@orb said it perfectly! :slight_smile: