Saved Airport Image and Stats Menu

Saved Airport Image and Stats:

Saving a game saves an image of 1 or multiple floors and some airport stats/Info and maybe a description you can edit that will show in a menu to the right of the Load Game menu (see image below)


When you save a airport ithe game saves a low res image of the airport (either floor 0 or all floors if possible) as well as some stats about the airport. So that when you go to load a saved airport you can see what the airport looks like in case you forgot what you build at that airport.

When clicking on a saved airport in the ACEO Menu, a window will pop up to the right so you can see what the airport looks like as well as maybe some of the stats of the airport, How many stands, runways, security checkpoints, Hourly Operation expenses, Cash on hand, number of staff etc… You could add whatever is possible to add devs! :slight_smile:

Maybe an image for each floor of the entire boundary area. and maybe you could take some screen shots that saves to a few additional images spots you can save for the game preview. maybe like up to five or something (mentioned by @VOID). These images you can then click on in the menu and they would fill up the screen so you could see them better.

These images would also upload to Steam when you share the airport for others to subscribe to.

There is plenty of room too the right of the saved airports to have a pop up window show what your airport looks like and some stats about the airport etc… see image below

Why it should be implemented:

Some players i’m sure have many airports saved like me. Some are saved at different stages along the way so you can go back and make different changes. Some you haven’t touched in forever and forget how you designed that specific airport. Having a preview image or a few images of different floors to pan through would allow for you to remember what type of airport you have for that saved airport.

Also some airports take a while to load as they are pretty large. And to find a specific airport that you are looking for but cannot remember what you named it could take a pretty long time to find if you don’t remember what you named it. So having a preview of the airport image would be great to see in the menu.

Images, references or additional content:

oh if I had more votes i would vote for this!

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also maybe it still looks like before but when you click on the airport it pulls up pictures and the load button, also have it so that you can put your own pictures but also it can take its own

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I just updated the image for the idea

Yes the stats look like a very cool addition

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If I had more votes I would vote. It would also be pretty cool if you could select your auto saves from their as well by clicking on the airport thumbnail or something. Great idea!

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I decided not to have auto-saves because of that reason. I would have so much more airports if I had not made that decision.

I unvoted somewhere else just to be able to vote here. Many games have this sort of feature with the game taking a screenshot when you exit or something similar and it is extremely useful. I’m not sure if I would need all five floors to be captured, afterall I will probably be able to recognise which airport it is from the ground floor. But it should definitely contain things like these:

  • Airport name & Code (&Logo?)
  • Airport location
  • CEO name
  • number of flights (small, medium and large) scheduled in the next (24?) hours
  • An image of the airport
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Sounds like a really interesting modification of the game. Perhaps you should write directly to the developers’ email? Or has your idea already been accepted? I haven’t played this game for a long time, so I’m not sure if the developers saw your brilliant idea or not. Although if you think about it, I don’t remember the last time I played video games at all. Before I became a professional journalist, I literally had nothing to do. All I did every day was play video games, watch TV shows and eat chips. I didn’t even know what is shutter and how to use the camera. But time really changes people, I hope at some point the quarantine will finally end.

Airport screenshot and logo have already been included. The chance that we get it for every floor will be low.