Security Checkpoints Not Connected To Stand

I’m trying to connect my stand with my security checkpoint. I have looked at other forms but non of them have helped me. I think i have my zones right but when i click on one of my security desks it doesn’t have a line towards the stand? Maybe this is my problem?

Hi and welcome

Can you show us the entire terminal with active zone overlay (z key)?

You can upload screenshots here directly by the way. :slight_smile:

The ones I see are too small.

The door has no security zone.

You don’t need to build additional roads next to the stands.

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Think of secure zones as areas that need to be cohesively connected, meaning no interruptions. The zone (read area) must stretch all the way from the stands to the secure checkpoints.

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Thanks so much, I was wondering why the zones wouldn’t connect!


you’re welcome

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I got the answer. On you’re top, they are roads, and you see under the roads? Another roads, Roads are connected to the stands when you place them, Remove the top roads and connect the service road to the Road below it.