Service truck issue


I have been having an issue with service trucks and baggage claim. Every now and then I will get one that comes in with no trailer and then it just sits there, blocking the way for all the other service trucks. It sits there until I exit and reload the game. Any thoughts on what is causing this. Baggage works great otherwise till the wayward truck gets in line.


The exit and reload is usually the quickest way to clear those mix-ups. Submit it with a bug report and screen shot when it happens as well. Most things work great until a wayward thing gets in they way. It’d be great to have a button on each vehicle… teleport to vehicle depot and clear all data.


Sorry, meant to include that. Exit and reload does clear the issue, but after about 5 minutes the truck parks there again and gets everything stuck. It is frustrating to have to exit and reload every few minutes in order to clear it out.


Did you bug report the issue?


screen shots help


As Jasper asked, is there a sent in bug report of that and if so do you remember the bug number? Would love to have a look at it.


I did send an in game bug report around 9:30PM US central time last night but I do not remember the number of the bug report.


Great, will have a look at it, are you on the experimental branch?


No, I purchased the game via Steam.


You can be on experimental on steam. Just set up the beta tab in properties


Ahhh, well I haven’t done that. Perhaps I will. Thanks for that info.


No probs hope you enjoy it


Do that and see if the issue persists, we’ve done multiple patches for baggage over the latest experimental releases so would be interesting to see if the issue remains on Alpha 29.5-2.


No point in being on the main version of the game in steam. Once the experimental branch was downloaded, I have never been back on the other game.


I downloaded the experimental version this evening after work and ran it and within five minutes I had a another cart with no truck sitting at the loading point clocking up traffic for everyone behind him. I submitted a bug report (ACEO-9320) and included the picture below so you can see what I am talking about.


Hmm… I wonder if it gets confused by the road tiles running around the baggage bay. It only requires the two points. You don’t need a road around it. It looks weird when they drive around it, but I jjust make that a concrete tile for visual. First thing I’d try is getting rid of the road tiles.

You’ve also got a lot of hoppers and scanners and stuff rolling. The second thing I’d do would be to build a quick bypass belt of all that tech (saves the coin) and see if the error happens. for now, there doesn’t appear to be an real financial/logistic value in having the extra scanners to me.


I can do all that but the service carts without trailers are the only ones that get stuck. I have sat an watched them. They pull up to plans like they are getting luggage as well before moving on. I could understand the roads and scanners and what not confusing them if every service cart got stuck at this point but, again, it is only the ones without carts.