Shuttle Bus full and wont unload ACEO-10444


I have a number of shuttle buses on the airside that have passengers on them that were for remote stands where I ended up needing to dismiss the flight. Now those buses are just sitting at various points on my inner road network totally unable to move. I have used F10 and deleted vehicle and passenger nodes, sent all passengers home etc to no avail. Even trying to sell the buses does not work. This is usually due to either a bus sequencing problem or the remote stand failing to register at the boarding desk. One flight stood for nearly 24 hours with no movement at the boarding desk.I ended up dismissing the flights affected and now have passengers stuck on buses. I need a way to either delete or sell the buses so I can clear the roads.


Pls post your bug report ID with this post :wink:


I’ve updated the subject with the bug report number.