Small planes, big runway, why not take off from the middle?


Anyone else notice that if you have a big runway that can handle 757 and 737, that the smaller prop planes you start off with will always use the full length of the runway? They would take a taxiway to halfway the runway and instead of taking off from there they always go to the back. Why? Wouldn’t it be better for traffic flow that they could just take off from the middle? They do this in real life as well.


I’ve noticed that too. Hopefully that is something that will be looked at in the future.


At least they take the first available taxiway OFF the runway, so you can optimize a bit. But agreed that this could be further improved, even if not trivial - you need to queue airplanes at multiple entries and prioritize them somehow.


A pretty good idea! Would need some form of distance calculations but we already have all of that data so shouldn’t bee too difficult to implement.