[Solved] No planes taking off also no departing passengers arriving

When I load up some airports everything is working fine apart from planes are not taking off even though I have got it on automatic for the planes not to be delayed taking off. Also as well as this no passengers are arriving at the airport to take there flights. Thanks

Firstly are you loading saves from a different version? and secondly are you one experimental or the default branch?
and check these:

  1. Is you airport opened in the operations tab?
  2. Does you airport have an ATC tower built to accept flights
  3. Have you set your runway to allow commercial flights and aircraft size (small, medium or large aircraft)

experimental yes to the 3 q.

Have you loaded your save from a different version? for example, loaded from Alpha 33/34 and trying to play it in Alpha 35?

No same v


You don’t have enough transit structures for people to come. Only 4 bus stops and 6 subway entrances. Unless you have more underground

i have 2 bus taxi and car

For 20 full stands that’s very few. Build tons more

how much

20 large aircraft. 250 pax on average each arriving and departing . That’s at least 8.0000 people at any given time and you currently have 4.500 from what I can see. Double what you have and a bit more

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I think @yanniskass is on the money! :slight_smile:


thanks all working

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