[SOLVED] Why won't my passengers leave the airport?


My baggage bays are always filled with luggage that hasn’t been picked up. When I track down the owner they always seem to be in the middle of a huge crowd near my large gate seating. How can I fix this and why do they just stay there?

It also seems that no one is leaving the airport (although this might be a separate problem). I only have 10 gates/stands which shouldn’t accommodate 19k passengers!?


Please give a wide-area printscreen, with zones enabled.

Also, there was a bug repair last update… let me find it, maybe a reload will do wonders. See bug below, maybe this was current in more cases.

  • [ACEO-9582] - Passengers can on rare occasions get stuck when leaving a resting item for boarding



I reload the game which took forever but now EVERYONE is leaving problem solved. Thanks again.


Just wondering, what are the Service Cars doing on your stands?

And are you using Metro stations? With your current numbers bus-stops cant handle it.


I have them assigned there. None of my employees use them. Maybe another bug?


They are meant for remote stands :wink:


I am using metro stations and the buses should be able to handle once everyone who was bugged leaves. Right now we are at 16k people left in the terminal. It’s kinda hard for everyone to leave when the game runs at 2 fps


That makes more sense. I guess I’ll leave them for aesthetic. Get rid of them if my game lags.


With everyone leaving, numbers will normalize.

Check the numbers on the bus-stops, if they are above a 100 PAX, maybe open/close them to get people to metrostations.


Will do


We are at around 10k now. Frames back to normal. Once again thanks for all your help!

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[Problem solved]