Stuttering every few seconds [solved]

I’m experiencing stuttering game play. It’s pretty recent i think. Use to be smooth. Now my game is like freezing for like 0.4 seconds every like 4-5 second.
Is anyone else experience this? Is there any fix?

Possible that there is a group of passengers blocked somewhere? Example at a gate exit?

No, i have checked. It’s been flowing smoothly very long.
I suspect it’s because i deleted some foundation on the 3:rd floor. I think it started since then. Not really sure tho. But since that rebuild i have saved and restarted.

Check all floors with zone overlay active. Remove dead zones.

Have done, but will check again. Probably it’s something like that causing the game to have to calculate new routes every few seconds?

Just started the game. I guess the rebuilding is calculated now. Because it’s smooth now again.


Yes, in most cases it’s because a path can’t be found. And as more people/cars want to use that path, as worst it gets.
Those are mostly caused by missing zones, high complex paths or when after a construction, the calculation of new paths didn’t worked. The last case, often solves after a reload.

Also the removal of secure/international zones wich have no checkpoints helps a lot. Specially in the construction mode, more zones cause more calculations.

I try always to keep the number of secure zones as low as possible. If there is any way to connect a secure zone of remote stands to the secure zone of the main building, I do it. Or if there is one tile space between two stands, I connect them by a sidewalk or a crosswalk.