Supported languages and translation offers


Vilka språk kommer spelet att bli? :slight_smile: Och då ni bör ha Scandinavian Airlines, SAS: D min engelska är dålig :confused:
which languages will the game be? :slight_smile: and then you should have Scandinavia airlines, SAS: D :confused:

här är gamla bilden på Scandinavian Airlines ->
here are old image in Scandinavian Airlines ->


sorry for my bad english :S


Surely the devs will be hit with copyright problems if they include that in the base game. But we will have Workshop support anyway and I think the devs will make it easy to mod. Right @olof @fredrik? :wink:


Real airlines name may or may not require permission from the particular airline. Some will allow or some may not. Instead of making the Devs running behind each airline, it’s better to use different names, deriving from the real world names. SAS can be named CAC… Etihad as Otihad, etc.

Also as of now Devs should focus on English (Universal Language). Translation to other languages can be done once the game sales start giving some good figures.


Your English is much better than my Swedish :wink:

The only language confirmed thus far is English. English has the benefit of being the most widely used language for the developer’s target market, so it makes sense for it to be the primary language used. I could see the developers adding Swedish and any other languages that they can speak (if there are any). Other translations would require the services of a professional translator, and would therefore be further down the line.

It’s already been established that real airlines are not going to feature in the game due to copyright issues, although the in game airline CLM has an obvious real world parallel. Adaptations of real airlines should be OK, but care should be taken (I wouldn’t put anything that sounds like Etihad in the game as they can be quite protective of their branding).

@NastyGamer - I see what you did with SAS, but CAC becomes a rather unfortunate acronym here in the UK. There’s potentially quite a big minefield here with words that accidentally have another meaning in other languages/dialects.


CAC??? Will u elaborate. By your words I think it means something bad. Not mentionable.


Cack is a slang term for excrement where I come from. As such, CAC would be an unfortunate acronym.


Hi there, this question is for the developers team. @Skynet

I could make the Dutch language feature, from English into Dutch,

If interested, let me know,


Hi maxx, get in line :stuck_out_tongue:
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Seriously though, when they implement this i’m sure they will also make clear if and how community involvement is wanted :slight_smile:

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I was not asking for general information, i was asking if i could do a favor.

But i guess it would not be appreciated in the way you are responding as ‘community leader’.



Your offer is appreciated maxx and i’m sure the developers will see it.

As to the merging, i’m sorry but your question is not really something that has to stand on its own. I agree though this is not the ideal spot.
I updated the topic title to better reflect what is going on. Any other translation offers will be put here as well


Umm… didn’t we have one other thread that discusses translation itself?

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You are correct :slight_smile: it would have fit better initially, but it’s a lot older. That’s why i chose this one