The Collector achievement [solved]

So according to this list Planes - Official Airport CEO Wiki I have landed every plane in the game except:

  1. Supersonic ones
  2. Vintage ones
  3. A330-200 which is not offered by any airline

What should I do to get the achievement?

p.s. I manually checked and made sure that all other planes actually have been landed

Thanks for your report, and it is actually the A330-200 that is causing the issue here I suspect. With the next patch A330-200 will be removed from the achievement criteria since it’s not offered if playing without mods :airplane: :construction:

How do I get the achievement then? Land them all agian or will get it automatically?

After the patch is released, you should get it automatically (A330-200 will be considered landed). It’s hard to debug achievements accurately since the data is user-unique and stored Steam side, but this fix should solve your issue. Please get back to me if it isn’t resolved after the patch is released. :slight_smile:

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Ok, will do


…unless the topic gonna get locked after 30 days of inactivity

It’s currently on the Experimental branch. You can try it there if you don’t want to wait longer for the default patch. :slight_smile:

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There will be a default release sometime soon but as no-fun says I’d definitely try the experimental branch as it is still some time away! :slight_smile:

Tried the Experimental, apparently have to wait some more