The Dev Blog status updates

:exclamation: The Dev Blog Status Updates :writing_hand:

As you know, from time to time, work gets the better of us and we simply don’t have enough time to complete a qualitative dev blog on time. Previously this has been communicated in random threads or not at all but from now on any delays or changes in the publication of dev blogs will instead be made, officially, here!

This thread will consequently be locked and only us, the developers, will make a note here when somthing happens to the dev blog schedule! :slight_smile:


… so obviously we’ll kick off this thread with announcing a delay. In a weird sort of catch 22 moment, we have made too much significant progress the past two weeks which we want to write about and show, that it’s going to take a few days to properly assemble the content required while still maintaining continued development progress.

We expect Dev Blog 127 to drop on Wednesday April 10th! :slight_smile:


This week’s dev blog will drop later today, the delay is caused by us by wanting to include a little more content in the dev blog that required an extra day of developing.


The dev blog for Monday 20th will be pushed forward for (hopefully) later this week as we have one quite busy coming up ahead of us and since a lot of today was spent on ironing out bugs on the internal branch.

From the Alpha 30 thread:

Sorry, no dev blog tonight, we have a quite busy week ahead of us with Nordic Game Conference 2019 here in Malmö and along side that continued internal branch development. We’ll try to write one this week and publish it later but we won’t provide any exact date! :slight_smile:

We’ll keep you posted here as per ususal!


Since the last dev blog was posted just over a week ago, we’ll get back to normal schedule with an ”in betweener” this Wednesday instead as it will allow for a few more days of progress! :slight_smile:


We’ve made good progress this week and have some exciting news to share with you tomorrow, hence the dev blog will instead drop containing those news! :slight_smile:

Edit: Some final adjustments to be made… pushing the release forward by one day… everything will definitely be made available to you tomorrow (Friday)! :wink:


We’ve prioritized another experimental release for tonight to get rid of some nasty bugs. Dev blog will be posted tomorrow instead!


A lot of work done today again! As a result we’re pushing the dev blog until tomorrow when we’re a bit more fresh! :wink:

Update: Making progress is more important right now than writing about it! Hope to find some time to get it done tomorrow! :slight_smile:

Second update: Friday is the magic day!


We’re currently in full internal testing mode and are deploying daily updates. Looking to publish a short but informational dev blog tomorrow evening! :slight_smile:


A lot of dev work to do right now so we’re pushing the dev blog forward a slight bit, we will hopefully have time to compile it tomorrow!


Delaying today’s dev blog until tomorrow!


Just like today! Dev blog drops tomorrow, Tuesday… perhaps that should be the new dev blog day?


The new dev blog day will be moved to Wednesday with the first one dropping tomorrow. There is simply too much work associated with coming back from a weekend since that’s when most are playing and we want to stay on top of development. The last few dev blogs has statistically been posted mid-week anyway so it only makes sense to have it then instead! :slight_smile:


We’ve had two great weeks with pretty amazing progress which means that the dev blog is gonna take a looong time to write and today will simply not be enough. Hoping to get it out by tomorrow evening! :slight_smile:

The topics up for disucssion can be seen on the Trello board! :wink:

Edit: As the late hour will show, we’re pushing it until tomorrow instead. Had too good of a flow and progress today to disrupt with dev blog writing.


Pushing the dev blog forward until tomorrow (Thursday) in favor of a few screens we want to get in of some new features! :slight_smile:


Ran into some implementation issues along the final polish today but it has now been solved, dev blog will be published late tomorrow night!


Working remote this week so dev blog 147 will be released tomorrow night (very, very late European time) and evening US time! :slight_smile: :airplane:


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