The Dev Blog Status Updates


:exclamation: The Dev Blog Status Updates :writing_hand:

As you know, from time to time, work gets the better of us and we simply don’t have enough time to complete a qualitative dev blog on time. Previously this has been communicated in random threads or not at all but from now on any delays or changes in the publication of dev blogs will instead be made, officially, here!

This thread will consequently be locked and only us, the developers, will make a note here when somthing happens to the dev blog schedule! :slight_smile:

Airport CEO Alpha 30 Released
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… so obviously we’ll kick off this thread with announcing a delay. In a weird sort of catch 22 moment, we have made too much significant progress the past two weeks which we want to write about and show, that it’s going to take a few days to properly assemble the content required while still maintaining continued development progress.

We expect Dev Blog 127 to drop on Wednesday April 10th! :slight_smile: