Two Buses for each stands


Feature request title:

Two Buses per Stand


We really need to assign two buses at the same time for each stand (yes, we can do that, BUT they don’t have a place to park and still running thru the service ways)

Why it should be implemented:

In fact, we need one bus to passengers who is arriving and another for departing. One bus is causing delays in all remote stand flights.


You can still have 2 buses service a stand. Just assign one of them to a stand, and the other in a lot/depot near the stand’s assigned bus stop. The bus assigned to the stand will always take the arriving passengers, and the extra bus from the depot/lot should be dispatched if the other bus is still performing a task. If the first bus is free, however, that one will get the task of loading the departing passengers.

I know there had been issues in the past where if you have that kind of set up the bus for the departing passengers would arrive at the bus stop before the bus for the arriving passengers, but I believe the devs said they fixed in (not sure if it is fixed in just the experimental branch, or all branches).

Regardless, I have always experienced that if you have a 2:1 ratio of buses to stands, the second bus should kick in, when necessary. Just make sure you help it along with the best route possible (shortest routes, with least amount of turns).


But I will also say I support being able to park 2 of both service trucks and buses on stands, as this can be useful in bigger airports, @Olof. :slight_smile:


This is what happened when I went to two stands on a single bus stop… I staggered the flights a bit, but it immediately ended in traffic jams. Buses need to either be moving on a road, parked on a stand, or parked at a bus stop. The moment they’re stopped on a road waiting… bad things start to happen…

I think having the service cars near the bus stops is also a poor choice… need them to come from a different direction or something…


The buses also do not arrive at the bus stops in order of departure, causing earlier flights to have to wait until after a later departure has fully boarded


Do you have a bug report for this in place?


Do you have a bug report for this in place?

Me? No. There’s really no bug to speak of. It worked, just objects waiting for the object at their destination to complete its task and depart the location. It actually works fine per se. Even saw vehicles go around the others. I think I have the airport if you want it.


I would like to see two different types of bus stands. One for arriving passengers and one for departing passengers.
The departure stand is bound to one check in desk, the arrival stand can be assigned to one or more airplane stands.

With this method, you can easily separate arrival and departing passengers.