Unofficial modding group


In this group they will be able to present the liveries they make, give recommendations, help people who start in the modding and each one has to make their liveries, so you can not ask them to do it for that and we have the group that founded @modair to ask.
Here we will avoid that people are stressed and can have fun with the world of modding (Thanks to @modair for showing me this world)

just a word, enjoy


Thank you very very much for your nice words :slight_smile: I’m realy happy that some users see our work what we have done. And i’m also happy that the group not break apart , and all goes on. Also Julius will not leave the group. It was a plasure to do that all for all of you :slight_smile: Maybe i come back(not sure) , but for that some things
need to be changed in the group.
So thank you again , and enjoy all the mods :slight_smile: (and i also enjoy it )

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Just a info: Because of so many nice words to me (also yours) , i’m back in the group.
Thank you all for that :slight_smile:


How are you going to help new people mod? I modded a bit, 2 liveries, but I’m only a beginner.:grinning:


If someone wants to start modding , i show him step by step all in the steam chat , there we can also send screenshots . If you want to learn that , just send a friendship offer to me in steam , i will help you :slight_smile:
I have done that for many people :slight_smile: But you need some time for that !
And if you already know how the modding works , i can also help you to getting better :slight_smile:
No problem at all , it is a pleasure to help the new modders :slight_smile:

PS If you have done your first mods , you also can join us at the aceo modding group , we need help :slight_smile:
I’m also working on a airline modding guide for aceo , but that will need more time until it is finished.


about helping, we help each other


I’ll consider it. :smiley: