Various new ideas


First of all I am loving the game so far! I have already made 4 successful international airports, and the game is overall great. There is one feature that would be a pretty cool feature in my opinion. A game similar to Airport CEO is Prison Architect (great game btw), and there are many similarities. One thing I wish was a similarity would be terrain options, and maybe even a potential landscaping tool. A really cool idea would be to be able to create airports on the coast, or maybe near the water, examples are Princess Juliana International Airport in the Carribean, Gibraltar Airport, San Francisco International, Los Angeles International, and many more. It would be cool to further customize these airports.

Another cool idea would be to create a weather cycle that matched the location in the world. For one of my airports, I made an airport in the Carribean. I don’t know about you, but seeing the winter, and the fall in the middle of the Carribean Sea isn’t that realistic. Maybe even adding in some setting maybe to disable or freeze the season cycle for a specific airport, or to set the temperature range. This would also be important because I don’t want to have to for example de ice planes in later versions of the game if my airport is built in the middle of Texas, or somewhere in Florida. One last cool feature idea would be highways and multiple exits. Transit is everything at airports, and making good road networks to get the people to the terminal is important for getting planes moving through your airport, isn’t it? So I propose a better road system, where you could maybe designate certain lanes of traffic for example, which could open up the ideas for one way loop roads, highways, overpasses (potentially for upper floors of the airport), and maybe even creating your own entrances and exits. Another cool thing for that would be creating roads with more than one lane in each direction as well. One last thing, I think having a parking system for AI cars would be great, because people don’t just get dropped off by taxis (taxis would be a cool implementation), people also drive, and this also could potentially add certain ways to gain revenue for your airport, because of course people have to pay for parking while they are away. It would offer some new ways of making an income, as well as adding some much needed features to the game to polish it off. Oh yeah, I lied ONE last thing, (I promise), would be more expansion to the map.

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Great post! I also have a similar “realism” topic.

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Along those lines I think snow plows in snowy places would be nice.

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