Watching the planes


Currently sat at Heathrow T2 while my plane is delayed an hour :frowning:


Delay s.cks! :frowning_face: But on the positive side, if you would not have had a delay you wouldn’t have been able to photograph one of your favourite birds :wink:


At least you’re in the terminal. I was delayed at Gatwick Airport, and they kept us on the plane. I’m not exactly a dwarf, so I had to deal with my knees being crushed while we waited for ATC to clear us for pushback. Would be nice if the seats were designed for people who are taller than 3ft. I was flying with easyjet, so I guess I got what I paid for.

Nice pics though.


Atleast you were delayed only by an hour and at Heathrow’s great terminal.

My flights once get delayed to 5 hours, waiting impatiently in the boarding area of CGK, not allowed to leave to buy some drinks in the terminal food court by the mad staff, before the flight got cancelled altogether…

So yeah…

Anyways, nice pictures!