Weighted Flight Sceduler

Feature request title:

Weighted Flight Scheduler


This feature would make it so that you could set a gate or few gates to have the priority for the auto scheduler so that if you have a slot available at that gate, the auto scheduler would try and fill that one first, and then go to other lower priority ones.

Why it should be implemented:

If you are able to set gates as priority, it will get more traffic, but others will have less traffic. A good example in real life is smaller airports, so and airport like KIND, which isn’t a hub, has 2 gates that are assigned to Allegient. Allegient mainly uses one of those 2 gates, and that other gate just kind of sits there not being used often. This doesn’t happen in the game unless the player does it manually. If this situation came to the game, Allegient would have the priority set on that one gate, and if there are too many flights for the one gate, then the auto-scheduler would move some flights to the other gate.