Why do weed patrols?

Enjoying this game for quite a lot of time, but still don’t understand what patrols are for.
If I got it right they should help you against animals, but you can just fence the whole territory (entry tunel count as a solid object) and live your life. We actually don’t need police vehicles at all as in around 40 events police wasn’t involved in any. Also security patrols inside the airport with the personnel (not cars) are usless. They can’t arrest people or something else, even if when at the chepoint the guy identify drugs, nothing happens. It also should raise the operation security grade, but after I build two fully functional airports occupying the whole map (one 6 tiles, one 4 tiles) I can say that in both playtrough I’ve never seen my operation security grade drop under 100%, even if I don’t use patrols.

They’re used as a measure to boost the security rating if your airport is configured in a way that is not be default very secure, which I assume your design is simply not. They’re also added as an element of realism and fun, not all features in ACEO are designed and implemented from a pure gameplay perspective.

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I have seen in flight emergencies where police are needed. I ponder if the absence of events is related to the difficulty level you’re set at. I started an airport recently on the highest level, and the events are pretty constant. I have also seen failed emergency responses where I did not have a police vehicle. I don’t really use the patrols because it seems to take up space on the job Qs that I would prefer to not have running unnecessarily. My mostly useless two cents

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