Wind and Go Arounds

It appears that high wind speed increases the frequency of go arounds, which is a cool feature. However, in practice it’s super problematic. Very high speed winds occur extremely frequently (like >50 knot winds every third day), and the go around rate is also extremely high when the wind speed is high (like 50% of attempts end up aborting, and I’ve seen the same aircraft go around 4 times in a row). This prevents you from operating a runway at anywhere near capacity, and there’s literally nothing a player can do to prevent it.

The frequency of high speed winds and the frequency of go arounds should both be significantly reduced. In reality go arounds are quite rare, they should really only occur like once per day. I’ve literally never experienced 75mph winds, but they happen like twice a week at my airport.

There is a problem with cool-down timers of emergencies, I assume this is one of the effected events.