ACEO Modding Group: You have Airline Wishes? Write us here and we try to do it


Please request me a European carrier you want me to make :slight_smile:

Brussels Airlines in work :smiley:


I have two request:

Firstly is Lion Air
Their fleet consists of just 737, the 800, 900ER, and MAX200 i believe.

Next is Batik Air

Their fleet consists of A320 and 737-800

This two airlines is quite reputable in Indonesia (Batik’s for their services and Lion’s crashes). Many thanks!

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Hi , Lufthansa is now online in my modair Mod :slight_smile: I hope you like it :slight_smile:

with E190 + A319 + A320

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Hi , nice plane , but you can not see the titels at the s7 plane :smile:

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I know, but I thought I’d put them there, as the logo on top :slight_smile: Work in progress, lol, not accuracy :stuck_out_tongue:


@Fredrik when A321 mod kit coming :frowning:


ATRs (Substitute for the Dash 8s they really fly)

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Nordic Regional Airlines


What do you mean substitute dash 8s? There’s Q400 Dash 8 in game ? :slight_smile:

Your request will be on trello board.


Nordic and. Finnair is already completed! :slight_smile: check it out :


@JuliusTheCanadianAv whoops, my bad, LOL

How about also Air France, Swiss, Alitalia, LOT, & KLM Embraer jets and Luxair Dash 8s? :smiley:


Hi , Batik Air in online now at moment only the A320.

i hope you will like it :smile:
It is in a extra mod , not in my modpack ! :wink:
Lionair comes also in the next days/weeks :airplane:

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Croatia Airlines :slight_smile:

Also Azores Airlines and TUI cos… why not? :grinning:


After seeing so much great work here, I really think we should try to ressurect ACEOMM. Combine all this amazing stuff, maybe not have an actual programme running things, but upload it as a one giant package to the Workshop.


Hi , thank you for your nice compliments , but i must say i’m not a fan of the ACEOMM , we not need it.(but sure some love it)
The better way fore me is to upload all mods in a extra mod , and create collections , and if you want just 1-2 mods you can download just that. And if you want all just download the collection. Thats easyer for the modders , and also easy for the users.:smile:
here is our collection :
and we not need managers or something like that. And if the aceomm is gone all liverys are gone , with our system that not happens. But that is just my opinion , and not all will like it :slight_smile: :thinking:
And you have a better overview what airlines are in the game and what we still need. At moment it is extrem hard to see that :slightly_smiling_face:
But i know that some users like the aceomm. I accept that for sure. :smile: and you and the users can decide what you pefer :wink: If i just saw the downloads of my mods , i must say the pack have much lower downloads then the extra mods. So it looks that the users like the extra mods more :thinking:


At this moment a new team is looking at the options to blow new live in the ACEOMM tool :slightly_smiling_face: More info to follow soon!


Hi , Lionair is now also online here :
or in our Collection:

I hope you will like it :slight_smile: :grinning:

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S7 looks fantastic! :heart_eyes:Thank you!:grinning:
Placing S7 logo on side board is very good idea!


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