Airport CEO Alpha 28.6 Released


oh right, try opening through steam?


Did an update just hit?

  • We can still pay off loans while in debt already.
  • When connecting a small stand with a footpath to a terminal building, the zebra is not displayed. When reloading the game, it is suddenly there. (or when you up/downgrade the stand material type).
  • Whats up with staffers that dont sit down in staff rooms?
  • Check out the amazing work of the fencing by @Jettuh

  • When a flight is delayed and the flight notification is not touched, but the plane leaves, the notification still stays up.

  • My loan sums / hour go up, seems the algorithm does not like me.
  • Should windows not “leak” light to the outside from within the terminal?
  • Why is gate staff not released from their task if they boarded the last passenger, but he/she did not board yet? After the check they can be released, yes? Why wait for the boarding trigger?
  • Strange placement of the on/off thingy on the runway,

  • My game had a small stand that did not complete the loading PAX automatically; bug report failed, reload fixed it.
  • The prebuild picture of a medium stand is stilli with jetway.
  • Since tools for object validation are considered, can we have stands refuse to open if they are not connected to a secure check-point? and medium stands not when their is no push-back vehicle acquired?
  • can taxiwaynodes pls be set on NO way too, in stead of 2 way and a direction? This is funny though;

  • can we get a button to force a refresh on depot names in the vehicles menu?

  • Can we get a fix the sorting on the list too?
  • The sorting of the vehicles themselves is a mess too.
  • Queue removal should allow removal of a whole row ;).
  • We can still build baggage bays without procuring them.
  • The Auto-planner is still not enabling rightly on a reload sometimes.
  • We can still repair objects while a minus balance is present.
  • Trees in terminal blocks are still a thing.
  • Janitors still have no task to remove lost bags? Or security staff?


A small question, will we be able to adjust the checkpoint material? It looks slightly odd when having a checkpoint with concrete road between asphalt roads


Put some black Apron under it.


The fence has been in the game for months? this isn’t new?


The fence has been in the game for months? this isn’t new?

It has been there since the first released version v 19.0


I think he means the connection to checkpoint, which is quite new - and very nice :slight_smile:


Are you on Windows or a Mac? I also still see 28.4–1, so I guess the Mac version didn’t came through. @Olof, could you please have a look at that?


i’m on windows 10 Pro …


Looking at it now. It’s verified to work for Windows, looks like mac was not deployed despite an OK from the Steam server… redeploying now. Note: This is for the experimental branch as of right now!

Edit: macOS has now also been deployed. You can force update the game via Steam by right clicking Airport CEO -> Properties -> Local files -> “Verify integrity of game files…”

Edit: And thanks as usual for the reports. Will continue to work with bug fixes today.


Yup, deployed on Mac now :smile:


Got it now! Was about to ask what update came :smiley:


Thanks, working now


Just replaced all the entrance/exits of my runway (from grass to concrete or asphalt, same issue), this causes a plane to stall on the runway after landing or on the stand when waiting for pushback (ACEO-7272). Think the path is broken when replacing the entrance/exits, a S&R solves the issue.


I still had not used it decently :smiley:

Was very busy :).

And yes, it was the connecting fence, no the fence itself.


We’ll get @Fredrik to take a pause from passenger performance overhaul and look into some bugs later this week.

As for an update on the latest bugs we’ll roll out Alpha 28.5-1 tomorrow and continue to patch it throughout the week for a default deployment later this week.


I will say, I started a new game on 28.5-0 and have not noticed anywhere nearly as many issues as when opening an older saved game from a previous build. Especially the lack of check-in desks. That ones died and not seen at all in my new build. I’ve not got any remotes yet and just unlocked the luggage system. Seven medium stands right now with a flux between 700 to 1200 PAX. :grin:


Nice. The minute your small stands end up having two service cars stuck on them send it in… got several reports on it but am simply unable to reproduce it myself and it’s always solved by save and reload - very, very annoying.


Well if it didn’t fix itself, we might have a large problem on our side :open_mouth:

  • Whats-up with PAX that want to shop behind security before they are checked in? They are throwing path-finding errors.