Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


I also just learned that if you build an underground belt through an area and then drop a vehicle depot/fuel tanks over the top of it thinking it won’t be a thing, it makes it a thing. It cannot be located by the construction workers and I can’t physically see the arrows.


If you’re looking for funny, let an underground belt pass underneath the center of a cargo destroyer and watch it all dissappear

On the money you gain marking/unmarking deconstruction: i’ve put in a bug report for that before it came to experimental.


If you’re looking for funny, let an underground belt pass underneath the center of a cargo destroyer and watch it all disappear

This one is priceless, you should get the “bug of the month” award for that.


Just had a remote stand, with two boarding desks, have almost all its passengers disappear as the game was playing. One airport staff member arrived at a boarding desk, and boarded maybe a handful of passengers; after a few seconds all the passengers highlighted as green started disappearing! At least the flight isn’t delayed…


Has anyone noticed their small remote stands not transferring ramp agents to it for the service round/baggage loading/unloading? Submitted a big already (can’t remember its number), but just want to see what others were experiencing.

P.S. - Can’t wait for (soon™) to be upon us.


You can always look in your player.log to see the bug report number.


Thanks again for the reports everyone, currently running an internal test for Alpha 29.4-3 which will get deployed to the experimental branch later if no issues arise. Has the new job tasks dispatchment system in it and a fix for passengers randomly getting teleported. Will update here once it’s out. Tomorrow we’ll run another day of bug fixing and hopefully have a bit longer list out with a new update, and will specifically be looking at the freezing problem(s) as well as loading and saving.


I ran into a bug where it seemed 2 passengers, who missed their flight for some reason, were holding up the whole queue and preventing anybody else from checking in. I tried using the debug panel to send them home but it wasn’t effective. I unfortunately had to delete the save as it was gambreaking.


The best thing to do in that scenario is to file a bug report prior to deleting it, so that we have something to work with in order to fix the bug. Or did you do that prior to deleting it?


Still on for today?


No I deleted because I was frustrated, I’ll be sure to file a bug report next time


[ACEO-8853] There are clones of me (The CEO)


Any else seeing that the auto scheduler just stops scheduling flights?



Quick note, if anyone wants to join the internal branch you can drop me a message and I’ll add you to the group, we have a few spots open oher right now! :slight_smile:


Sadly i can’t test now because i am waiting for my flight from Amsterdam to Istanbul.


Update Alpha 29.4-3 will drop on the experimental branch later tonight (around 22 EST).


Sweet! How long does it usually take to see our bug reports on trello?


They do not show up if we don’t transition a specific bug report through the flow. In most cases it’s very rare to see your actual report get processed, since we get so many regarding the same type of bug. In a few cases we link bugs, so that one bug has several bugs linked to it as a duplicate, but in most cases a bug will either be transitioned to ”Fix Deployed” or just hidden since we’d otherwise get burried in administrative work and not have time to actually solve the bugs - rest assure though that we do read through every bug report that gets sent to us! :slight_smile:


Is there supposed to be a 1x1 buffer zone adjacent to the map boundary where we can’t place objects?