Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Spelling Error


Put in a bug report, spelling error bug reports usually get handled well


Hey all, we’re officially back from the holiday “break” and will be deploying updates later this week. Currently working on mitigating a lot of smaller null reference checks that can break many simulation cases, as well as dealing with some technical debt for certain very old parts of the code (refactoring…).

Also busy removing the path test feature of the baggage system - to have it be automated efficiently (code wise) instead! :slight_smile:

Once the above mentioned refactoring is complete we’ll deploy the next version. As always you can see the upcoming fixes here:

As for the current version on the experimental branch, there are several important bug fixes that need to get transitioned over to the default branch so we’ll most likely push over that version the default branch later tonight.

Was fixed by Fredrik just now! :slight_smile:


I’ve seen the Trello board, does the fix for ACEO-8889 include a fix for ACEO-8610? I thoguht they could be related to a same root issue but as i don’t know the game code i can’t tell for certain.


Oooo thank you for the update to the default. Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Yes, that is very likely


Aand here we go, Alpha 29.5 is currently being deployed to the experimental branch and will be with you within the next minutes. Considering the number of important fixes we have in this update we’ll look to get it transitioned to the default branch as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.5-0


  • [ACEO-9066] - Automatic path validation between check-in, baggage bay and baggage claim area


  • [ACEO-8552] - Attempting to pre-color objects using right click in build menu can cause UI to thrown uncaught null reference exception
  • [ACEO-8610] - Number of active flights in flight planner gets set to zero on load
  • [ACEO-8731] - Baggage can get stuck on belt loader
  • [ACEO-8747] - Baggage sometimes do not divert correctly on tilt trays
  • [ACEO-8848] - Service trucks can in rare instances get stuck in a behavior loop while parking at stands
  • [ACEO-8881] - Spelling mistake on baggage bay information panel
  • [ACEO-8889] - Rescheduling a flight causes it to disappear
  • [ACEO-8916] - Baggage claim areas sometimes do not connect properly with baggage bays
  • [ACEO-9003] - Passengers can in some occasions not correctly assume claiming their baggage when it has arrived to a baggage claim area
  • [ACEO-9026] - Removal of an unassociated world notification icon can in some cases generate an uncaught null reference exception
  • [ACEO-9027] - Hiding a game setting panel can in rare instances thrown an uncaught null reference exception
  • [ACEO-9028] - Placing a shelf in an already existing shop can in rare cases, when no product is able to be generated, can throw an uncaught null reference exception
  • [ACEO-9029] - Missing null reference check in world notification hover system check can cause hover display for world notifications to stop displaying
  • [ACEO-9031] - Attempting to update flight slot container time values for either a removed flight or for a flight with a removed stand can throw an uncaught null reference exception
  • [ACEO-9032] - Missing null reference exception check when adjusting vehicle speed to vehicle in front can cause vehicles to stall
  • [ACEO-9033] - Spelling mistake on build button for boarding desk
  • [ACEO-9034] - Incorrectly assigned variables for transit stuctures (bus stops, car stops) can cause transportation vehicles to stall when checking parking availability
  • [ACEO-9059] - Baggage belt rotations not consistent

Ability to set staff resting thresholds (when to begin/end)

Wow, you guys have been doing lots of work. Loving the progress, keep it up! :smiley:


Hey, back again with another update! Alpha 29.5-1 is a thing. Will most likely get dumped on the default branch tomorrow if no insane issues are found.

Here’s the change log:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.5-1


  • [ACEO-9093] - CEO executive employee avatar spawns multiple times
  • [ACEO-9097] - Bugged debug displacement method can cause persons to de-spawn at (lower bottom of map) resulting in stuck passengers
  • [ACEO-9102] - Passengers with a missing flight can throw an uncaught null reference exception when attempting to fetch a preferred desk
  • [ACEO-9104] - Missing null reference check when deserializing flights to aircraft can cause non-taxiway pathed aircraft movement and other strang behavior
  • [ACEO-9107] - Missing null reference check on occupied node when passengers exit a dynamic queueing mode can cause them to stall
  • [ACEO-9108] - Incorrect colorable sprite for small infromation desk


Airport has come to a complete standstill as staff won’t do jobs. Has worked fine up until now and no changes had been made to the airport recently. Flights keep getting delayed and nothings happening. Am I dumb and am missing something or is this a bug?


Never mind, a reload has resolved the situation


Somethings happened to the description of rooms. [9128]

EVEN WORSE, building a staff room it seems give your NAN as a balance…

Persisted over a S&RL too dang it.


I have it too, in the savefile it confirms NaN as funds. (“funds”:NaN)


Good to hear. I read NAN as Not a Number too


Edit your savefile for now as a workaround. I forgot to put a report in, but my game pc is already powerd down. Will you file it?




Report these on the bug report tool.

Try to reload the save game and or the game and if that does not work. For those who are experienced you could try to modify your save game file to adjust tour balance.


Spelling Errors


Another one


The Devs are usually very good at fixing spelling mistakes as they are easy to fix. So just report them as spelling mistakes in the bug reporting tool.