Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


What happened with assigning vehicles to stands? I was following the trello today and saw it was put back from ready to in review? I was hoping we would see that today :slightly_smiling_face: good work on the departing issue with remote stands!


I think that is now a very Soon™. Watch this space.


Parking lots?? I hope it comes with a bigger map because I have no room for parking lots… especially if they’re not multi-level parking garages…


Looking at the twit feed they are not PAX parking lots, service vehicles…


I concur, this is the same with staff if you fire them while they are assigned a task.


Can confirm that this is the case, yes. Should have been fixed yesterday but we overlooked the employee section, will get patched for the next update (later today)! :slight_smile:


Many likes!!!


Stand assigned vehicles are more or less complete, it’s been a massive overhaul and a bunch of systems have been adapted or re-written. Really want to get those service vehicle parking lots in properly which I’ll do quickly tomorrow (since everything is now super generic!), hence postponing the deployment until Friday afternoon.


Crashed to desktop again comiong out of the employee panel… Looking forward to the employee management window bug resolution

and I click to reopen the game and find the update being pushed through. Thanks for the fixes.


I’m finding staff walking a long way when there are other staff closer by. Anyone else noticing this? You can see the yellow dot of the staff member walking at the top left. I have checked and there are staff in that staff room of the required type too. [9396]


It seems your other “closer” staff is in a secure room.

So, the other staff will be selected first.


I must have missed that conversation then. So non secure staff take preference. Is that just non-secure?

Having said that though, all staff rooms are in secure zones.


Secure task positions would prefer secure staff rooms, and the other way around, not? that was mentioned in internal thread I think.

Found it;


I’m still finding that the game logic for staffing is fairly poor when it comes to airport staff at least. I’ve had staff come from the front (non-secure) staff room to back (secure) staff room and vice-a-versa. Heck, I’ve had staff come from an entirely different area and walk past a room full of idle staff to go work somewhere.


Alpha 29.6-0 is up! Unfortunately no parking lots, deciding to withhold those as I want to perform a full implementation including public parking lots too to make sure it all goes to plan (and so we don’t have any future interruptions). However, stand assigned vehicles are now a thing although it’s naturally a bit rough around the edges and needs to be tested. We’re deploying this update immediately to the experimental branch without passing through the internal one since we’ve had a branching issue and unfortunately had to work on the new features and the bug features in the same branch (won’t happen again). This means that Alpha 29.6 also has a few very important bug fixes in it. Depending on the overall stability this update might get transitioned to the default branch during the weekend with or without additional patches, as we have a few critical issues on the current default branch.

Here’s the change log for Alpgha 29.6-0:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.6-0


  • [ACEO-9372] - Increased generic object panel size by 10 percent
  • [ACEO-9391] - Jetblast effect increases by throttle


  • [ACEO-7227] - Vehicle depot UI displayment inconcistencies
  • [ACEO-7228] - Missing filtering options for several vehicles on vehicle panel
  • [ACEO-8677] - Clock and measurement setting do not save
  • [ACEO-9172] - Typo in demolish tool
  • [ACEO-9330] - Aviation fuel supply truck deliveries can cancel itself when crossing road check-in causing the truck to leave the airport
  • [ACEO-9359] - Missing null reference check on queueable desk when dynamically queueing can cause person movement to stop
  • [ACEO-9365] - Fired employees do not remove self from job task availability list correctly causing job task dispatchment system to break down

New Feature


[ACEO-9365] - Fired employees do not remove self from job task availability list correctly causing job task dispatchment system to break down

What happens if you fire an employee that is performing a task? I found that there is no “re-call” action on the function performed by that employee.

When you fire 2 staffers that are operating a check-in desk, or a boarding desk; the check-in/boarding task will never complete atm.


Could you make the stands to select from only show the stands it can be needed on? There’s no need to be able to select a GA stand for things like service truck, belt loader, etc, just like there is no need to select a commercial stand for Avgas Fuelling. There is also no need for pushback or belt loaders on small stands, and small service trucks shouldn’t be able to select medium stands.
The wide variaty of options makes it a little too much to scroll through


Is there any chance we can have pushback initiated when boarding starts?

I am running a bigger airport and my pushback always takes 20-30min to arrive.

Can pushback be deployed, but wait on the stand until boarding is complete?

Same with boarding agents. Can they be deployed when specific time is reached and await at the gate until deboarding is complete?


I have been working toward building a shed for every 6 gate (one half of a terminal) and waiting for this assigning thing to launch before I move them all to each of the sheds. That means, the longest a pushback vehicle would have to travel is 6 gatess, no turns, no decision points for intersections, just drive down the road and do your job, then come back however you find it.


I would also add if there can be a sort feature added into the interface that allows us to sort by depot, or parking lots, or stand instead of the seemingly random way the vehicles are currently brought onto the display? I’m over 80 gates I think… the vehicle display gets very very bulky