Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


I discovered, that if you have closed your parking, or have no parking room, you cannot buy new vehicles, while the error does not display the lack of parking spaces.


It’s out!

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.10-1


  • [ACEO-10330] - Enable job task agents to discover, and break current activity, if a new job task has been assigned to them while moving about the airport
  • [ACEO-10426] - Improved graphics for modular sofa

New Feature


  • [ACEO-10078] - Rare issue can cause aircraft to get stuck during pushback process due to serialization bug
  • [ACEO-10091] - Uncaught exception halts deboarding of passengers
  • [ACEO-10122] - On/off icon appears briefly in lower world corner
  • [ACEO-10257] - Pushback trucks can sometimes not be correctly dispatched
  • [ACEO-10399] - Uncaught exception in baggage simulation causes remote boarding to stop
  • [ACEO-10413] - Terminal ambiance sound not playing correctly
  • [ACEO-10414] - Takeoff ambiance sound cuts abruptly when aircraft is removed
  • [ACEO-10415] - Aircraft does not spoil up engines when entering runway
  • [ACEO-10439] - Job task system does not properly distribute job tasks to most suitable agents
  • [ACEO-10441] - Small boarding desk and small cafe cashier gets changed to larger versions when saving and reloading


[ACEO-10424 ] - Added hedges

yay - looks great

could make modular sofas draggable rather plopping down each piece?


Hey @Olof whatever you guys have changed tonight/today has completely halted my airport… all employees stands in the staff rooms


What if you do a new Safe/Reload within the current version?

Seems I have the same on first load - 10449

Current load handing on Loading Items - continued after a while.

Second reload still not fixes staff. They all stall.

Why does a stand need to be open to assign vehicles?

Downgraded to stable to continue playing :wink:

Fun picture

We could really use an autorule; dismiss airplane when delayed, when above 90% boarded.


Same here - 10450


I have the same problem since the update, staff is not working.


Yeah, for me too. (no separate bug report send though, as I think it’s a general problem. if more data is needed, I can send one later)


Have bug reported the same as well. Everyone is on strike, not sure what I have done to upset my staff, I give them breaks, sofas in the staff room, excellent holiday, but I did pull the dental plan a couple of months ago, need to speak with the union reps I think! :grinning:


There’s an incorrect variable usage that causes a null reference and breaks the dispatch process, has been fixed and will release a hot fix soon!


Alpha 29.10-2 is on its way up. Thanks for the reports! :slight_smile:

    Release notes - Airport CEO - Version Alpha 29.10-2


  • [ACEO-10449] - Incorrect variable usage in job task dispatch system can cause all airport work to halt


It seems that the job task redistribution works wonders, delays due to administration staff is much lower atm.


Question though, why would someone from the most bot stand choose the Red arrow exit, the PAX has to walk around so much, its outside the frame.

The green line is the closest exit.

I noticed when I secure zoned the exit wrongly due to staff zoning.


Do they always do that? Shouldn’t happen I agree, i.e. are newly spawned pax with your correct zones in place also selecting the furthest away exit?


Good question, where is overview button track pax from this object again :stuck_out_tongue: ? lets find out.

I want a pin for PAX select, haha, I see small mistakes in my airport every time, or have a delayed stand and click that. The one I followed patiently to the end made it out the right way :wink: - the second one too :slight_smile:


Any-one have an upticking job list for janitors? I have;

I just followed a janitor, she walks half the airport to the next task, over and over and over again. Even different secure zones.

Second I followed, same issue. Bug report > 10474


Is it the same task or different tasks?


Once it was from a floor to a toilet, but still… I am ramping up janitor numbers, I have 100 janitors now and still tick up, 4000 tasks waiting now.


Well, that’s expected, what’s killing you is their inefficient behavior. Will fix it!


Can you use the golden ratio to search next task? like, 1 block aside, then the block above and next to it, etc, etc…