Airport CEO Alpha 29 Released


Funnily enough I just posted a bug with the same sort of issue (though a lot less extreme since my airport is small right now). I have PAX walking past a secure exit that leads to baggage claim to go to the exit in the terminal that is under construction. They then walk all the way back through the check-in areas to get their baggage or leave the airport (since all the bus stands are down there right now).



Something wrong with ramp agents delivery in new version . Sometimes only one agent arriving on remote stand, so I have massive delays due to slow service round and slow baggage loading.


I have a small issue with my fuel reload, they can’t enter my airport. As soon as they pass the gate, they just go back and leave without refuelling my tanks. Does someone have the same issue ?


Are you sure they can reach the fuel depot in question?


I tried to build various road but still turn around all the time.


I have had the same problem, u did bug report it but can’t remember the number I think it is 102xx


Is the problem solved for you ? If yes, do you remember what you had to do to fix it ?


I see this problem sometimes at my airport, but the truck drives in after several attempts.


No I am still having the problem on one save, I am guessing that they are stuck in an unbreakable loop as they were unable to deliver fuel


Maybe i have too many fuel deposit ? I also have the problem that it doesn’t refuel automatically and have to do it manually (when it was working). I already had that in the past, but it solved by itself.


Should planes be parked in those angles?

Preview bug Corner modular sofa:


I do not refuel manually, tankers sometimes turn around and sometimes pass through a vehicle checkpoint. I have the largest contract for the fuel delivery for 6 medium stands and 14 small stands. I also noticed that sometimes two tankers arrive at the same time. I think these are minor bugs, but anyway, I have no problems automatically filling the fuel station at any of my airports.


I noticed the same with exits.

I have 2 exits from my security zone and one is closer to the small stands at the side of the airport, one is closer to the medium stands in the north.

PAX seem to choose randomly between those 2, but not take the closest ones.


I’d back it up one square.That trailer would need room to clear the gate before starting it’s turn anyway.


I like the new hedges! :sweat_smile:


Now that reminds me of something… a film maze…


The Maze Runnerrrrrrr


No, but there’s a certain shine about it…


Here’s Johnny